A Beautiful Land

I do not know of Hell
Nor do I know of Heaven
But I realize one cold, brutal truth
And It aches me evermore
There once existed a land,
Lush green forests on one side
And deep blue oceans on the other
Sky above, clear and milky
Birds chirping, each morning and every
There once existed a beautiful land
That humans burnt dead
Slashed the trees
To live, to dwell
Until one day,
When they slashed them all
Cut the roses and lilies alike
For rocks that they called God
They worshipped him, bowed their heads
But they couldn’t love the home he built
They shaped temples for their god
And made sure he couldn’t breathe
When you asked for forgiveness
What did you really ask for?
You can’t pluck a rose,
Sever the pretty petals
Say you’re sorry,
And ask it to rejuvenate
Roses do not weep
And lilies do not cry
But with every petal shed
And every plant cut
You suffocated their silent screams
Slowly drenching their life
Until there was none left
You see,
I pity the man
Who prays for heaven
After butchering the paradise around him
Isn’t he the most pathetic?
In all the crimes he ever committed,
Mutilating his own home was the worst.

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