A beautiful window to the past.

The peace that I felt from constantly watching nature,
Like a positive aura giving me immense pleasure.

To feel the winds that just passed through my ears,
Sitting relaxed and forgetting all my fears.

I used to observe the wandering clouds in the sky,
My beautiful window told me, happiness in life is also like this,
sometimes it is low and sometimes high.

While I sit at my desk and whisper my words,
I see a rainbow arching across the sky that shares its beautiful, radiant hues.
I cannot seem to avert my eyes as nature portrays a magical view.

And each day, I see the beauty you showered like that sky of amber and clouds of peach,
I imagined myself sitting and enjoying the chalk-white beach.

So, when I open my eyes and let the dream shine through,
as the scenes of great beauty unfold for me and you.

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