A Cop

It was a fine evening; no serious issues were registered the whole day. The Police Officer beamed with pride, he had gained the true reputation of an alert and ferocious watchdog. “The Lion of Justice” people said when he went out in the streets. His locality had once been a prime area of shameless, brutal, naked crime. Women being raped, people being killed, fights, drugs, guns- it was all a common scenario till the Lion turned up and swore to clean the mess. Sitting on his chair looking at the junior officers in front of him who saw him as an inspiration, he puffed his chest.
He had an entirely different reason to be happy too. His son had topped this year’s medical entrance exams. Although he had the name of being the cleanest cop in town, he knew it was dirty work. Just after a few years of serving in the police department, he realized how messed up things were, how messed up the whole system was, how messed up you become. Things became clearer to him as he approached or rather became a part of them.
That wasn’t too hard too. He knew his son never liked him much and he understood the fact that there was more than just a generation gap but none of them was actually wrong. He wasn’t there for the most important occasions in his life. He didn’t know when his son learnt how to ride a bicycle or when he learnt how to ride a motorbike or drive a car in that sense or the endless prize giving ceremonies at school where he topped for so many consecutive years just to earn a place in his father’s eyes, just to get his father’s attention. That’s all his innocent heart ever wanted. Was that too much to ask? The Cop knew that everyone’s hero was a villain in his own son’s eyes. His mood turned bitter but he knew it was for the best.
He knew it as a matter of fact that someday his son would be mature enough to realize that his father wasn’t wrong for preventing crime. What did his son know anyways? He lacked real experience. Once he faces the real world he’ll realize how good of a person his father was for making his life as an instrument of change in this not-so-good world. Worst case scenario, if his son never realizes the true side of his father, he’d still know his real own place. He was content because what is good is good, it does not need to prove itself to everyone. He felt cursed. ‘I would talk to him today’ he thought to himself with a feeling of pain inside.
Went the phone at the police station.
A CASE! The Messiah of Justice cursed as he looked at the watch. It was ten minutes to six. He had thrown a party at seven at his house for his son’s recent feat. He knew if he would look into this he would be late. ‘But what else could be done?’ he thought to himself. Cause with great name comes great responsibility, if he left without looking into this one so would his juniors who would see a flaw in their statue of inspiration.
Sitting next to the constable who was driving the Jeep towards the crime scene, he asked,
“What’s the case?”
“Accident. Two dead. First is a five year old boy, son of a school peon. Other is a sixty five year old man, who locals claim had gone crazy due to some traumatic experience in the past”
“Anything else we know about this case”
“The father of the boy registered a case saying a car hit them but nobody else present near the site seems to know anything about it. He specially requested us to not let anyone else know that he registered the case”
“So you’re saying no witness?”
“Sir, you know how it is we bust a couple of crime families, there stand a couple of rebels who due to some reason or the other think that these criminals are good people. Maybe they have been good to them. They get emotionally attached. We as a wall of protection push back the waves but it gets stronger every time”
“In that case we need to take hard measures. We’ll have to personally investigate each and everyone who might be involved. I’ll sniff out the rats and we’ll make sure they speak. I don’t think it was an accident. If we don’t act on this one the dirt is going to grow and at some point, it will turn into a fucking rainforest”
“Sir are you saying it’s going to be late?”
“Listen boy, I can’t guarantee you going home soon but if that’s what you want. Go ahead, I am not stopping you”
“Actually today’s my girlfriend’s birthday”
So what? It’s my son’s big day too. He never got the point of there being so many cops in the department who didn’t love their job. Who were not passionate about it. ‘It’s like they simply don’t care’ he thought.
The officer felt disgusted. It had been three years since this constable had been working under him. He knew it was his son’s big day. He knew that it was his son’s party. The officer had expected him to take charge single-handedly but here he was shamelessly backing off!
The officer simply knew what had to be done.
He asked the constable to turn the Jeep around and drop him at his home.
As he went inside his house, his son grew a smile. He went to his room to get dressed. Yes his Dad was going to be there, maybe he cares for me after all. The Agent of Justice went to his room, changed his uniform and switched to casuals and went outside in the hall. As he reached for his car keys, his wife said,
“I didn’t think you would make it for this either but I am glad you did”
“Listen Honey, I am going to be late tonight”
“But you know there’s gonna be a party soon”
“I know but there’s this case and it seems pretty bad. If I were you I won’t wait”
“Your son’s gonna hate this”
“I know but there’s nothing else that can be done”
“What are you going to tell him?”
“I don’t know. I’ll tell him that I tried” He cursed himself as he left. Addicted to his work ‘He’ll understand, maybe not today but someday he will’ he thought about his son and smiled involuntarily with an empty hope in his aching heart.

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