A Fall

She once flew sky high amongst the clouds blazing like quicksilver,
but here she is now broken on the ground, her glorious days long over.

The heavens crashed down, oh what tragic game did her life play,
she who once was the jewel of a crown, lies now thrown away.

Her youth was the talk of the town-all around, her grace a thousands’ love,
her beauty thought to be mesmerizing, she was revered like a goddess descended from above.

The way she swayed, the way she spoke, her every little gesture,
for some it was a blessing, for some on their poor hearts a torture.

Every woman wanted her looks at any cost, every man ready to kill for her,
she owned every heart in the lands and the skies, started craving more power.

Her pride swelled slowly and slowly, her ego grew a mountain’s size
till she became at last, unfortunately, a Maleficent in Snow White’s guise.

But when does the clock stop for anyone, she lost with time in the bout,
her beauty with age faded away, and her looks all wore out.

The same masses that once called her the apple of their eyes,
now scurried away at the sight of her, became as cold as ice.

She dwindled in everyone’s memory, till absolutely no one would recall,
cause even after the greatest flight, every Icarus has a fall…

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