A Festival Facade

After a long and hard year,
Finally, it’s Diwali time,
Drive away all the darkness,
And bring home some light

This year it’s given me time,
To sit and contemplate,
Should we not stop harming?
Our nature, before it’s too late

We burst crackers as we believe,
They drive away the evil and bad,
But why do you have to do that,
When evil resides within man

The festival to purify your soul,
A festival to purify the land,
Don’t you dirty the road and air?
It’s high time we take a stand

I don’t preach about crackers,
I hope everyone is educated enough,
Literates are all, educated none,
Like this, situations get tough

As I see people creating pollution,
Using a false festival facade,
I wonder with worry, that only I worry,
And out of a billion people none reprimand

Forget about other people,
Think what you are up to,
As I write here, my own people,
Fight to burst a cracker or two,
How will I get them to understand?
A sin is sin; even if it’s many or only a few

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