A Letter of Hope

Always remember that it’s not the end,
And there’s nothing so wrong that you can’t mend.
There’s lots of health and hopes for you,
With beautiful sunsets and fresh morning dew.

Monsoons are waiting to shower you with health,
And warm summers to bless you with wealth.
Fall will take all your worries down,
And spring will bring you a hale and hearty crown.

Flowers will bloom to scent up your life,
And bring in colors to paint your strife.
Birds will chirp and sing around you,
And winds would bring you fragrances anew.

Each day will thrive on pleasure and delight,
And bring in a slice of laughter and light.
As months would roll and life would grade,
Smiles will pile and bad memories will fade.

So brace yourself for all that’s coming,
And stand upright to face a fresh turning.
Happy mornings are knocking on your door,
And peaceful nights are standing on the shore.

May the new lease of life bring you every joy,
And your fears and tears, may it all destroy.
Hope you get rid of every pain and sorrow,
Wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

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