A letter to joy

Dear joy,
Where are you?
I search for you day and night.
People have started calling me mad.
So like a mad man I search for you from one end of the earth to the other.
Like an archaeologist I dig beneath to listen to your laughter even if it is for the last.
But know that I’m not mad.
I search for you, Joy.
Lord knows if I’m lost.
Let’s stop this hide and seek.
I’m tired, not of digging and searching.
I am tired because I miss your laughter and you, Joy.
Your laughter is music to my ears,
Igniting joy in my heart immersing me in your smile,
And your smile is a portrait by God.
It is said that the Sun and the Moon are made for each other but they can’t stay together.
Well, I’m not the sun neither you are the moon.
For ‘man’ I’m a mad man
But for you and me, I am just another man who has lost his joy.

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