A Letter To Life!!

It took you more than six years to destroy me completely. It took you countless challenges, innumerable storms, thousands of failures and mistakes, and unbearable sufferings, maybe that’s the price you pay for dreaming big and thinking out of the box you’re born into. You always hit me at my most vulnerable and prime phases. You took everyone who could hold me to different places when I was trammelled brutally. You made me fight against the ones I respected, admired and loved the most. The ones I hailed turned out to be the worst of all. You compelled me to do things I was too adamant to do. You tested me, my character and my principles at every step. You extorted me to hear words that cut like knives, see things I never wanted to witness, go where I never wanted to go. You forced me to hutch my feelings, my sufferings within me only. You left me with no one and nothing except books, may be you gave me the manual guide to build myself back. People suffer from one or two things and they break, they give up on their dreams but in my case, you had to send several storms at once and that too many times for the whole 6 years, breaking me each and every day. Every time I gathered courage and strength to get back up, you hit me down with another blow. But darling, I never gave up, bruised, broken, scarred, seared I kept on fighting with the beasts inside each and every day, every hour, I kept on chasing my spark within and at last you kneeled in front of my perseverance, my fights.
Maybe you forgot, you forgot that I am a wildflower that can still grow after a forest fire. You didn’t know that I would turn out to be Phoenix, and just like the Phoenix, I rose, I rose from my ashes adorned with nothing but my strength, my courage, my kindness and a heart and soul seared with scars more powerful than ever before or perhaps you always knew that I was a Phoenix, and you just wanted me to realize that and maybe that’s why you made me suffer since childhood teaching me patience, how to stay alone and find refuge in books, to make me ready for what was about to come.
And now you’ve become a friend, guiding me at every step..unfolding and manifesting things related to my dreams. You taught me the skill to make every moment of my life a celebration by being in the present moment. And you rewarded me too with the deepest desire of every soul and the greatest gift one can have at such a young age. Truly universe your way of teaching lessons is capricious and arcane, but awesome in its own way.
‘Every journey of the quest of knowing what your purpose is, starts with the beginner’s luck and ends with the victor’s being severely tested.’~ The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho


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