A message

I am Scopophobic – fear of someone watching you
I am Claustrophobic – fear of closed rooms
I am Androphobic – fear of men
I am Contreltophobic – fear of sexual abuse
I am Agliophobic – fear of pain
I am Mnemophobic – fear of past events repeating itself
You know what changed for me?
Am to was

You know what is going to change for you?
Was to will
You will be Gelotophobic – fear of shame
You will be Enosiophobic – fear of having committed an unpardonable sin
You will be Genophobic – fear of sex
You will be Ithyphallophobic – fear of having an erection
You will be Kolpophobic – fear of seeing or thinking about female genitals
You will be Thanatophobic – fear of death

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