I bid Adieu to the world’s warmest & secure place
And was welcomed with toasts risen & smile on each face.
That was the hardest migration – from Womb to Earth
Penned with a destiny of Human Life – I took birth.

Pampered every moment, my parents kept all the bad out of my way
But, the unfortunate happened, the unforeseen was served on my tray.
My Life became stagnant, the innocent me got locked
And the phase emerged where the other door of Life opened when the greyness knocked.

Deep drowned into silence, he made me a stone bearing all the wrench
Pretending the hope to live in the rains of sorrow I had to drench.
I was pushed into the world of dilemma, not knowing whether
to express or bear the brunt in pain with the sinful tether.

I was an Abattoir for him, where he crumpled my soul
to satisfy his sleazy urge, a desire that was so foul.
I gave in my childhood to those dismal rays of past,
which I knew would haunt me forever & make me aghast.

Taken aback from living life without fear-stricken moments
I was forced to live a four-walled life with irrevocable patents.
Craving to come out of the dire prison of grief and depression
My crippled soul stood up & abandoned the greyness to Illusion.

I came to senses & fought with myself, freeing my conscience of Guilt,
Took some time, but finally the greyness succumbed to the ray of Jilt.
Yes! I broke my silence, regained my chastity and reverence
The autumn was stray, and spring arrived with utmost perseverance.

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