A pandemic poem

They said it was war
With an invisible foe
Keeping people a far
And not to go to and fro

The world was shut
Exams were cancelled like in Hogwarts
Travelling was banned, but
Essentials were allowed transports

Some were home alone
Others were with family, in isolation
In distant places some were left forlorn
Yet prevailed everywhere the tension

Most people stayed awake
In the night, disparaging their melatonin
Oh! Did they make
A mayhem of their serotonin

With firmness they proclaimed
“Not even neighbour”
Yet some met unashamed
Making the world unsafer

Some signed up to volunteer
While Samaritans checked on the elderly
Those who did not interfere
Displayed a feat of lethargy

Many whiled their time away
Binging on web series
Some learnt the laws of Faraday
Studying various theories

Some loved the pleasure
Of books, portals to worlds
Knowledge was whose treasure
That was the way of the nerds

In every corner of the house
Sanitizers and hand washes were found
Consciousness in people arouse
With such behaviour was I astound

You might be concluding
Everything must have been so grim
Yet, we were not in sad sea sinking
Hope filled our hearts till brim

We telephoned everyone, without vanity
Even the disowned, without hesitation
The best of humanity
Is seen in the worst of situations

Family is more than a common genome
Held by that which transcends space-time
Never had many, stayed home
For such a long time

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