A Perfectionist

The dictionary meaning of “perfect” is “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”
We are often pressured by societal norms of gender, sexuality, emotional, physical, marital and financial status. These represent nothing but pride or a sense of fraudulent behaviour.
We are all bound in the spectrum of being “perfect”. While “perfect” is just another word for what the society wants. We get to bear the criticism no matter what. We are either too thin or too fat, too fair or too dark, too tall or too short, and the criticism doesn’t just stop at physical judgement. A smart person is a know it all and if you’re not smart, you’re simply dull-witted.
The idea of perfection in ones mind needs to be completely reinvented. Your body, the acne on your face, your hair, your mind, don’t need to be fixed!
If you want to evolve or change something in you, do it! Not because you hate yourself, but because you love yourself enough to take care of it. Not for anyone else, not for society, not because someone told you that they don’t like that something about you, but only because you want to.
It’s very easy to hate on yourself, it’s very easy to point out something wrong about you and then feel insecure and unassertive. I would describe “perfect” as being yourself, behaving humanely, spreading love and rejoicing, being kind to one another and most importantly loving yourself. Loving every thing and every part about you and treating yourself right.
Being perfect in your own way is the best type of perfect there can ever be. Adore and admire yourself, look in the mirror and love your body, tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you deserve the world, because, trust me, know one loves you and knows you like you do.
A butterfly cannot see the colour of its wings, but we, as humans, can see how ethereal it’s beauty is. We all are perfect in our own eccentric ways, we just need to find the perfectionist with aplomb and self-approval within us. You are what you are, and you are just perfect the way you are.

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