Looking as I was from the realms of success,
Rejoicing now & then, of what I had in excess.
Veered my thoughts to when I had nothing,
Yet, I had peace & tranquility, which was everything.

Now, when I stare back at my staggering bank balance,
Sparing a lingering thought to what I could do to enhance,
Danced my memories to when I was a free bird,
When everything I did was neither seen nor heard.

Now, when I go through the tensions of assets,
Keeping a close watch on my credits & debits,
I look back on the times when I could use a dime the way I want,
Buying little treasures without a thought.

Then I think again, is it me or my riches,
Which make me live a life, now full of hitches.
Rather than the time when I could laugh & sing,
With a happiness no money on earth could bring.

This, then is my tragedy,
For which, now, there seems no remedy.

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