I reached the base camp after travelling for sixteen tiring hours. It was almost sundown and the sky was beautifully changing its colours from blue to orange to pink to resting into pitch-black. With the heat source going down, it became unbearably cold and the thought of climbing a snow mountain with a forbidding climate became a phenomenon. That night came in like a freezing terror, but the warm sun the next morning cozied me and I was enlivened and gathered a rush of serotonin in me.
After a long-lasting climb, we finally reached our campsite. I noticed bright, yellow tents were set up for us. I kept my luggage in and was suddenly pulled towards the kitchen tent where I learnt that a long-awaited meal was being prepared. The evening came with small gusts making me look red and pale. I was dreading the cold so much that it made me feel sick and I was craving to leave for home.
The sun shone bright the next morning, energy was restored in me and I was ready to go ahead. Our trail looked like an elegant capture of the ice age. Icicles on green leaves, vast snow lands, frozen waterfalls, a mud pathway amidst the snow with brown mules greeting me. While the views lasted, reality hit and we
started ascending up the steep slopes. Although the climb kept draining my energy, the bottomless conversations with the other trekkers and getting to know more new people kept me going.
We were just minutes away from our campsite when I looked up and saw a sight that was a treat for the eyes. Our tents had been made for us on a snow plateau with a hill beside that had tall trees while the glowing sun was ready to set behind. I rushed towards it and sat down on a mat on the snow to eat. My mouth watered as they put some steaming rice in my container, and topped it with spicy curry. After I was done devouring our meal, a few of us went on the snow hill and made snowmen and snow angels while the sun set behind us.
That evening, everyone played games while we fell countless times and laughed a lot, but the hours of darkness hit and it was time for us to settle down for the day. While we made our sleeping bags and changed into comfortable clothing, I came out to quench my thirst and saw something I’ll remember my whole life. I looked up and found myself surrounded by a panorama of stars, the starry night left me deep into my rhapsodic thoughts and I did not want the night to end.
The next day was the day we climbed the summit. I geared up with my thick jacket and sharp spikes for the big ascend. This journey was going to be long, but imagining the sight from the peak kept me persisting. Passing by frozen lakes, small monasteries and beautiful glimpses, we reached a place called the Shepherd’s hut. I rested for a bit, ate hot noodles and got pumped up and left for the summit.
After clambering my way up, I reached a point where I had to scrabble to get to the top, grabbing the snow rocks. The minute I was on the spire, I was left awestruck while I took in the beauty of the view. The wind I took in gave me a sense of composure and I put away the hustle-bustle of the city, the traffic, the people and deafened myself from the outside world. The climb, the long journey, the constant escalating of the weather and my location, the challenges and difficulties faced, the new things I learnt, the experiences I had, became quite an odyssey for me.

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