A song of an indian bird

While flying across the blue sky
I’ve listened a girl crying out loud
To let her live
What’s so good about living to hundred?
Restless feathers around my wings
Rested for a while on an old branch swinging around
Indeed a season of rainfall
Holding myself together,
I flew against the raging wind
Witnessing two so called partners
Betraying each other
What an encounter!
Preparing for a sudden rainfall,
I forced myself to hide under a roof
The so called home?
Sweet smell embracing my every feather
I’ve peeked through the door
Family dining together…
It’s so good to have a home
With an unknown sense of Loneliness,
I fled away to console myself
Roaming through the City,
Sparkling lights with loud sound
Caught my attention
Group of people dancing in their own world…
An unknown smile left from my heart
It’s not so bad to be lonely…
Flocking my feathers with the rhythm
I lost myself into the skies
An young lady’s desperate plead
Towards the group of men?
Pulled me out of my dreamland
Closing my eyes with my wings
To avoid the uneasiness of not being able to speak
An unknown tear left my soul
How cruel!
Passed by a little girl smiling happily
My shrinking heart found its way out
Running through the corridor,
To avoid her angry mom
How cute!
Eager to fly around,
I saw a couple in their 80’s waiting for the sunset
Pretty old,
But being in each other’s embrace
Squeezed my heart with an unknown happiness
Watching the sunset together,
I flew away in search of my home…
Oh! I’m a bird
Loneliness is difficult to endure
But forgetting is a boon…
Asking for what we’re not designed for,
Is like holding a fragile glass
With every ounce of strength left
It hurts,
Your pain is never heard
By anyone else other than you
Your worth is not known
Unless you fight to speak…

To let her live?
She can build herself…

To be known some other day of their pitiful life

Dining together?
What a happy family

Dancing together?
Live like there’s no tomorrow,
It’s a white lie
You’re supposed to fly high

Young lady’s desperate plead?
Her strength spoke aloud

Easy to do, hard to find, helpless to show

Enduring till the end is suffering,
But with a company hits different
Accompany your hidden heart
Embrace your humming soul
Love yourself!

I’ve found my answer
To sing along with different emotions
To fly around with my own rhythm
Through the breeze,
A free spirit?
Happy day loved ones
My dear happy little ones…

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