A Very Exciting and Exhilarating day

I jumped out of bed thinking of the exciting day ahead….. It was my first day at High School and I was going physically to school after 17 months due to COVID and many lockdowns. I got cracking and hastily got my things together and left for school. It was awesome to meet old and new friends and to get familiar with the extensive and astounding high school campus and buildings. Furthermore this was not all that was happening today! Someone exceptional was arriving by flight and I was going along with my parents to meet him at the airport after school. My Mom and I had spent the last few days buying things and making arrangements for his stay with us.

School was over and my parents picked me up. I sat silently in the car with a feeling of great anticipation and excitement. We arrived at the airport. The flight had landed and we waited for him eagerly. My mom went in and suddenly came out and there he was ….. in a blue and white cage all furry and cute…. My little cuddly dog who is a Maltipoo ( Maltese poodle) …..we call him Simba!

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