“A White Star”

She was named as a star for the light that shone,
Through her eyes so dark, and peach pink skin,
She walked like an angel in her white satin gown,
To greet the Royal Prince destined to be her King,
Her long hair styled with a small golden crown;
Walking down the aisle she saw the faces she has known,
Reckoning the dream of mountain life in vain,
Her heart rising to the raging storm that impedes her lane,
With brutal strength, she held a blazing sword in hand,
To fight the terrors that resisted her to earn,
Her dream in the lovely place, where she has to venture so plain,
Her speckled face colored red in the scorching Sun,
With wounded heart and bloody hands, she spun,
Towards the dark road to find her true love to cure her pain,
There she hurried to risk her life to the rocky terrain,
Bare and rough with hard planks to frown,
On the lowly meadow stood an old wooden cabin,
Welcoming the weather-beaten sweet Princess thereon,
To feel the peace and comfort lavished within,
A fantasy world waited for her with sweet music from a violin,
A tune so dear and close to her soul made her turn,
To see her Prince with scars and ragged suit so worn,
Who has come a long way to live with her in a meadow so humble and plain,
There she wept and flew into his arms to own,
His heart and the place she has fought to gain,
At last, bathed in the silver moonlight that shone,
The light so tender and mild rendered her face to sheen,
There and then, he bestowed his only star with a diamond ring!

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