A World Without Art

In the most generic term, art is described as something that “moves us” in other words:
Art is something that causes us to feel better by appreciating the aesthetic qualities of a piece. Art lets us connect with the artist’s personal story. Art is a form of escape. Art is something that lets us express. Art is something that lets us feel. Etc.
Art is also a force that binds the world together. It allows us to connect with emotions of others, ourselves, and the ones before us. It helps us realize that we are not alone in this world, our problems aren’t that big, and it helps us feel part of a whole bigger universe than just ourselves. With art we can understand the concept of love, friendship, grieve, loyalty, faith, death, truth, etc.
Now in a world without art, none of this could be possible.
Art is a big part of my life and I use art as a form of escape. Even though I wouldn’t even want to think about it I can imagine a world without art. A world without art would be a very dull and boring place to live in. A world without creativity.
It is a world in which u are idle, you stick to the same pattern of everyday life, you follow patterns your family and society follows, you don’t encounter things that are out of your comfort zone, you can’t connect with emotions of others or your own, you feel lonely, you feel a lack of belonging, the world is filled with unexplored trauma, the world has no continuity. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that the world would be filled with math, science, and other subjects. Creativity is needed for the discovery of a lot of subjects and concepts but let’s just investigate math, science, and language.
Science needs a lot of creativity and in a world with no art it means that most of the science we have discovered till now won’t be present in the world. Maybe no science at all. Math has patterns upon patterns and rules upon rules that could not be made in a world with no creativity. Language could never have been birthed without creativity so there would be no talking or writing in the world.
Overall, the world without art is a world with no development. And with no development, we humans may not have even survived the first thousand years on Earth if it wasn’t for the art back then and for the art that continued till now. Even if we had survived, the world would truly be a boring one indeed.

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