Abandoned Love

Strolling through the garden,
didn’t know we were walking on thin ice.
I see them burn the other’s house,
and worry about our paradise.
Have had second thoughts before,
but this doesn’t seem like a dilemma.
All the commotion inside my head,
can’t see through the haze in my eyes…

I lay there pressed to the ground,
I’m choking and can’t breathe.
I am bleeding my heart out,
but they want me to rhyme it.
Even as they say it’s wrong,
my eyes still lock with yours.
The knife’s half deep within my chest,
but I find this pain sweet…

As my soul leaves through my wounds,
I see them taking your life again.
I tug at your hand and tell you,
“this is our getaway”.
I feel your heart miss a couple of beats,
and mine stops completely.
We rise together, our souls unite,
and we reach the heaven’s staircase…

We’re stopped and “sinners only get,
a grave in hell” they say.
And I wonder if where we come from,
wasn’t a hell from hell away.
We leave the hereafter,
and plunge into the infinite.
Maybe between death and eternity,
is where an abandoned love stays…

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