abundance of time

Yes, it is a hard time for all,
Which has led our minds to be in squall.
Always intending to make sense of everything,
This sudden event had led to uninvited happening.

We have gained huge control over technology and science,
Also gained, with material things, a mutual alliance.
But having a constant urge to step out of the house,
This longing fire is very difficult to douse.

Everyone knows how harmful a touch is,
How it can eventually lead to a fatal disease.
But humans care only about their food,
Seldom od they care about their livelihood.

Earlier while going to work, all we could think was home sweet home,
And now after getting a break from work, everyone wants to go out and roam.
We think getting caged in our home is unfair,
But never did we worry about the caged animals kept to stare.

Now, lets focus on the good things evolved out of this crisis,
The world is united and the environment in bliss.
Spending time with our families is the new normal,
The whole world finally learning to get informal.

But the most important change in life,
Is the absence of the human strife.
And the realization of the abundance of time,
That may never come again in a lifetime.

-Khooshi D Jajoo

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