All work and every play!

Off to school and off to play,
I love to see
Little kittens flee.
Friends I can meet,
And goodies I can meet.
This is my haven,
My moments of bliss.
Rolling in the mud,
Fighting over trivial things.
Feeling amused
With the surrounding
Shouting my heart out,
Flying paper planes,
And floating paper boats.

The only fun is in the run,
Chasing pretty rainbows.
Hiding little secrets,
Stealing for play.
Joking with my friends.
A great mix of characters,
I come across in my time
Miss them when the day is over,
I look forward to every morning.
That smile and energy I yearn for,
Loaded schoolbags I carry,
Punishments I bear,
I look forward to each day,
All work and every play!

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