An Apology

If I were to die tomorrow,
I’d hug you so fierce so that you’d always remember my living heart dancing to the beat of your rhythm.
I’d listen to all your troubles and tell you that I would always be here for you forever
So that you’d know that I’d always look down from above and give you the strength I couldn’t give you while I was alive.
You’d say “I dreamt you had died” with a horrified look on your face, I would remember it haunting me till my last breath because I’d understand the pain of losing me would be hard to bear.
As long as I’m living, even if it’s just for a few more hours, I’d try to make the burden easier on you.
I’d smile. I’d smile so bright that you would forget that I was suffering.
I’d sing for you so that the chaos would bring you peace in your remembrance of me.
If I die tomorrow, I’ll find peace at the cost of your broken hearts.
I would sing and dance while you weep and mourn.
So let’s sing and dance together today. Leave the tears for the morrow.
Share with me your sorrows and joy, I’ll keep the secret that tomorrow your lives will never be the same because of me.
So before I break your heart tomorrow, I’ll labour to make your heart soar with mine today.

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