An Awkward Conversation With Mother Earth

Stripped and scorched and choked and abused,
Peeled and poisoned and plundered and misused,
Pillaged and robbed and burned and Murdered by degrees,
We all are cruel human beings, and that we need to agree….
Bound to her by gravity, she being part of us,
Formed from same clay, she is our mother thus,
Lungs take in her breath, her ocean runs within our veins,
We depend on her, be it green fertile plains or good rains.
I asked Mother Earth, why are you looking so sticky,
Let me know your problems, and I shall help out quickly,
Said she if you could recycle…That’s easy to do,
But insane I, too busy to recycle, wish I could help you.
She pleaded for non toxic fertilizers to be used in yard,
I apologized, for it’s too hard,
She suggested organic food and electric car,
But poor me, I have to travel so far.
Said she while groaning in pain,
Why Humans have turned out to be disdain,
She marked that she was once a paradise, all lush and green,
Now decaying and rotting and it’s horrible sight to be seen.

She is sobbing and we need to save her,
As we have to live here, for years and year,
We have to stop using plastic, we need to purify the air,
Can get rid of landfills and show her that we care .
The earth is our paradise; we need to care for it more,
Then and only then Mother Earth will not cry anymore.

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