An Untouchable Kiss

Pihu and Yash strolled together, hand in hand. The air had an icy chill to it. The weather was windy, that night. It was their first date. She laughed at his lasagne while he blushed at her waffles. But, the black currant sundae with strawberry toppings went well, for both. Touching the little fingers under the table, was undoubtedly sparkling.
She teased him. He let her.
It was bliss.
Yash had been fiddling with the peddles for quite a long time. He knew how much ‘consent’ meant for Pihu. They hadn’t even hugged and here he was already planning on a first kiss.
But, how?
He was, at a complete fix.
Pihu had mesmerised him right from Day 1, where he’d seen her gobble her blueberry iceberg at Kashilaal’s ice cream centre.
Little drops of blue coloured ice had stuck to her tiny nose which made her look incredibly cute. He wanted to go kiss her, right there, right then.
But, he somehow managed to sit there and watch her, in awe; her undeniable cuteness curling him into a warm cosy blanket.
Somehow, he’d managed to get her number and they’d talked for over 6 months and managed to plan their first date.
For Pihu, it was her very first date, in her life.
But surprisingly, she seemed at ease.
She smiled through the conversations, swirled at her magical laughter and kept talking like a cute little parrot.
And, he, just couldn’t get enough of her.
Pihu, from Yash’s eyes, was a very family-oriented girl. Very much on ethics. An achiever throughout her academic life and a very genuine person by heart.
He often called her, his little ‘Shiuli’.
As they stepped nearer to her house, Yash got nervous by every second. It was transfixing him into a maniac, he thought. He didn’t want to ruin it.
Finally, they stood in front of the little yellow building.
Both of them stood, facing each other.
Pihu was looking at her feet and Yash, at her.
At last, Yash mumbled, “Tonight was great”, to which Pihu nodded.
Of course, Pihu had heard from her friends that all ‘first’ dates ended with that ‘magical life-changing kiss’. But she was really nervous about this part.
Pihu broke the ice. “You’re a great charmer, stalker.”
“Only when it comes to you,” blushed Yash.
Time was ticking away. Things were seeming to slip out of hands.
“So…I’ll, uhm, see you around?” Yash, fumbled.
“I mean, I’d love to see you again. You were beyond amazing tonight. I had the best time. I…. you.”
“Yash”, Pihu stopped him midway.
“Close your eyes.”
“Just do as you’re told, please. I promise you won’t regret.”
Yash already knew what this meant. She’d probably be gone by the time he’d open his eyes. He’d watched these kinds of scenes in the cheesy romantic classics. Nevertheless, he did as he was told.
Pihu, stepped up to him, standing on her toes to match his height, landscaped her four fingers on his lips, and planted a nice little kiss on her fingers.
The only bar between her lips and Yash’s, were her four fingers.
Yash didn’t open his eyes. He registered the act.
He felt what Pihu did, and his lips curved into a smile, an action that Pihu’s fingers felt.
Slowly, she landed back on her feet, withdrawing her palm.
She whispered into Yash’s ears, “You’re welcome.”
Their eyes met and did all the talking, that the hearts yearned to do.
Pihu blushed and Yash couldn’t stop turning a beetroot red, while grinning the entire time.
She finally bid adieu to her very first date and walked back in.
Yash kept following her trail, until her shadows merged into darkness.
He kept smiling and his heart burst into a million firecrackers that night.
He might’ve done a little somersault, too.
As far as Pihu was concerned, she kept rewinding the night, under the covers, until she dozed off into a dream of innumerable untouchable kisses.

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