Anonymously Yours

An anonymous letter to……

The closest person, yet a stranger to this heart,

The art that took its birth in me, yet couldn’t meet me,

My Light and My Darkness,

My world that resides in this universe,

The True meaning and word for “Love”

The “Her” in this me… To Her in me!!


  Date & Time: – Whenever you feel me,

                                                                                  Place: –     Journey


The light & darkness of this doomed kingdom

A warm hi, 

To the minute of an eternity

Spring of this soul

Scar of this heart

Kiss of light

Bearer of the thorn-crown of this dark kingdom,

You never know me in this form, with this bond between us…. but unknowingly we are close…

I wish we could be close

Like a shooting star for innocent nights

Like a scorching pain every morning

Like this air that surrounds me everywhere

I wish somehow we could be close every second

I am here withering and waiting…

Like the shore, waiting for every current of its beloved sea…

Like a platform, that’s waiting for that one train that passed on it already. It knows that the train may not return, but still it’s waiting…..

The irony is that you might not be aware of this soul’s silent wails, but the rest of the world i.e.., those oceans, nature, this land and that sky, everyone knows about my longing. But they pretend to be unaware of daily wars because of you, for you.

That sky, in particular, isn’t innocent. It knows about us, everything about me

How I feel, how I hide, how I create, how I live on,

Everything about you

What I say about you, what I couldn’t say about you

What I create from the thoughts of you…

The stories and fantasies I weave from your touch, in my thoughts

It’s just silent…

But it is that silent watcher…

That watches everything, deciphers everything

And acts as if it’s nothing…. as if it’s the same…

But it isn’t…

It carries stories; secrets and scenic beauty which are made of us…. of which we are unknowingly part of!!

Often I ask everything around me about my whereabouts, in silence, I discuss my next step with them. I call them asking for you. I see you in them so I ask them to bring us close.

Oh sky, call all those predators you hold by. Ask them to eat me alive

Oh Holy Spirit in the air, make my world upside down with hurricanes and tornados you hold

Oh enchanting fire, burn me to the very core

But leave my eyes; they are longing to see for they are waiting for that beloved light

Even in my ashes, let me hold my sense and touch

For they are waiting for that tender touch 

And this heart & soul, they are always incomplete 

As if they are making a room, a place to hold someone… 

To hold something…

To hold you!!

Every day is different and has imperfections but that’s the beauty. Every day is a new canvas and every sunset is a new painting. And so are you and your imperfections, 

You got this innate ability to make things beautiful. A tender touch of yours, a scar from you

Loneliness without you, journey because of you, everything’s beautiful. To this bruised heart they are painful. But that pain is a beauty…  Yes, we are apart now but you are the mother of the artist in me, you are the art in me. In that art in me, you will always be the muse and the music.

This world is whispering to me that

You will stop craving for when you get what you crave when you hold what you sought, it’s correct…

It happened and it will happen, it’s the same for many things from the very first page of the history

But this wanderer…. this seeker… will remember 

All those nights of flames

All those mornings of nothingness

Every word that took birth but died infant, died without fulfilling the purpose

Every moment that’s lost in the conspiracies that happen beyond the control

Every conversation that was left incomplete…

I am an incomplete story in blood and bones…

But I breathe you in… I breathe you out…

One day, after some thousands of our weekends together

We might be complete… We will be complete…and only then we shall be…

As long as I live I shall breathe you.

As long as this soul lives on 

It’s only you that I shall breathe in… It’s only you that I shall breathe out…

I carry a fire that’s eternally burning in me…

My soul is eternally burning and those ashes write unposted letters in my name to all these worlds… for you…. to you…

May my soul burn eternally, May I burn eternally…

May this wandering, seeking, quenching, craving, desiring, longing be eternal…,

Cover me with your soft, tender hands and I shall burn eternally!! 

My longing and craving of today shall be less than that of tomorrow!! 

Even I am that in transit letter to you

That was sent to you but never reached you

One day you will open 

And may that moment be a new birth, liberation for us…

May you find your home in me?

May you feel your father’s care in my arms

May you feel your mother’s love in my eyes…

May you feel everything beyond them in me…

You can find yourself in me… may you explore yourself in me…

May I make you feel more… 

May I be the sky… that holds you close yet watches you fly…

May a war happens, every time you chose to leave me

May I be the war, may I be the martyr…

You utter millions of letters a day; you speak millions of languages in silence

Try to feel me in one or two

You touch many souls every day…

Try to feel me in one or two

In all your letters to this world, in all that welcomes and good-byes

Try to feel me in one or two…

Feel yourself in my words too… 

Keep on reading; the best books are yet to come

Keep on watching, the best stories are yet to happen

Keep on travelling, the journey shall never seize

Wait a little more, we shall happen soon

Let the stars sleep

I shall be your night……

Order the sun to leave and your fears to rest

I shall be your light!!!

At, out beyond everything




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