Arnav and Ishita

+Arnav and Siddharth, two best friends, living in Mumbai for the sake of their jobs. If you ask them, where would they live if not Mumbai then they’d say, ‘ We are ready to live anywhere on the face of Earth but here.’ You see, life in a city is hard, especially when things are not in your favour. Though Arnav was struggling a long way from home, he never let Siddharth suspect anything, for he knew it was equally hard for hoo. Amidst thousands of unknowns, they both were all they had. Having faced every difficulty, every obstacle together, their friendship became the strongest any person would’ve seen. They both woke up each day knowing that they can overcome anything that comes their way.
It was a cold Wednesday morning, Arnav woke up at 7 am and was getting ready to go to work. Just as he took a hot bath, he woke Siddharth up to do the same. Both of them were working at the same place, so they left to work together. They went to the bus stand not far from their place of residence and took the same bus they’d been taking for the last 2 years. As soon as they got in and found a place to stand in the crowded bus Arnav’s eyes caught a glimpse of someone. A girl sitting just 3 seats ahead from where he was standing. What was so different about her that caught his eye, she’s just a girl, travelling somewhere too but she was new. He’d never seen her on the bus before. She has an innocence that was too rare. Just as he was about to see her full face he could only see half of it until now, an aunty blocked his sight. He let out a disappointing sigh and got off the bus for he’d reached his destination.
Siddharth noticed something different about Arnav so he asked him, ‘Bro, you alright? You seem a bit off.’ to which Arnav replied, ‘ya, it’s nothing, just this girl that I saw on the bus. There was something about her, something different.’ Siddharth had a grin on his face upon hearing this and to lighten his mood said, ‘Be careful brother, for all you know she might be an enchantress or maybe a witch.’ Arnav giggled and thought to himself, “I don’t know about the witch part but she did seem like an enchantress”. The whole day in his office, all he could think about was her wondering who she might be, where did she go?. He’d only seen half her face but her grace had him under a spell. As he was heading home, Siddharth asked him to go to a party with him. It was a housewarming party his friend was throwing for her new roommate just 9 days away. Arnav agreed since he didn’t want to be alone in that apartment. The next day, he got to the bus stop a little early in the morning hoping to see if she got in from his bus stop. To his dismay, she was nowhere to be seen, not even on the bus. The same happened for the next week and in the end, he’d lost hope of seeing her ever again. For him, she was different, his stomach had this weird feeling in her presence, something only he could feel but not exactly tell what the feeling was.
At the end of the week, just as he was entering his office building, he saw a girl waiting for a rickshaw at the main door. She was gorgeous, her hair tied into a sleek ponytail, light makeup, formal pants with a dark blue shirt tucked in and a pair of black stilettos to complete her look. He walked right past her but there it was again, that feeling in his stomach just as he entered the main door. He knew it was her, he turned back in an instant but she’d already gotten in the rickshaw and he watched her go farther. His conscience mocked him for losing this chance of going and talking to her, he was almost kicking himself. But he had to let go of the thought of her, he’d never been lucky when it came to girls. And now that he’s seen her full face, he was sure she’d never go for him.
The weekend housewarming party was a distraction for him, to let his mind wander around looking for a temporary thing. He scanned the entire room but could not find anyone who’d be of his liking, not even the girls that Siddharth was introducing him to, thinking that he’d get lucky tonight. Arnav decided to retire and left early. He was walking down the stairs and felt something, again that damned feeling in his stomach. He knew she was there but managed to get out of there without even looking at her. The huge mirror in the hallway of the building had other ideas though. He saw her reflection in the mirror. He’d seen her in formals before but now she was far from formal. She’d tied her long hair in a messy bun and was wearing an oversized t-shirt with short denim. She looked flawless no matter how little she’d try. She was walking towards an apartment in the very same building. He thought of all that as a mere coincidence but it was not believable that it could be a coincidence. Fate is cunning, it does what it wants in ways you’d never suspect. When you’re meant to meet someone, one way or another you will meet them, circumstances might be different than you’d want but you gotta take what you get. This was his chance to talk to her but he didn’t take it, this time intentionally.

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