As You Are Meant to Grow

Allow me to share my wins,
With those who are all ears,
Let me share my trials,
With those who have a vision to share.

The irony of choosing the path of light,
Is to thrive in the dark,
Are you ready for growth?
Destiny will strike like a storm,
Are you willing to take an oath?

But the darkness is just what we need to see the light,
As it comes like an unexpected surprise,
I speak from experience,
It might not be a fairy tale you’d like,
But trust me, it’s a blessing in disguise.

We are aware the world isn’t full of love and joy,
There is hatred, there is cry,
But why be a slave to the mistakes from the past,
Live with freedom in our hearts,
That will be enough to last.

Walk through the miracles and accidents,
As you reap what you sow,
Face it with all your might,
As you are meant to grow.

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