Asleep Together

I grind my teeth at night,
My mother’s ear at my jaw,
Her fingers knead the knots away,
I sink into her mellow palm.

And as she sifts her arm below my head,
She breathes in puffs not to wake me,
She plants her berry balm gloss on my lids,
My lashes flutter softly- home.

I wake for school, her face serene,
I swipe the dip from her sleepy brows,
My legs a labyrinth around her torso,
I peel away softly; let her dream.

And when I tuck myself to bed that night,
She walks in at 12, jaded eyes,
She wraps my body in her arms- never waking me,
And we sleep like foetuses till the morning,
when I find her fast asleep.

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