Awaiting dawn

Lives on lives, withering away every day before my eyes
I force my ears shut, but I still hear the cries
not a day goes by when I don’t think of the end
why is God not responding to all the prayers that I send

I hope for a new light, a gleaming dawn
trying to convince myself that life goes on
I can fool my heart but my mind refuses to listen
it thinks of the joy, the thrill that I have been missing

the thought of losing a loved one rips apart my soul
I keep wondering that in this world so wide, what is my role?
Human life is fragile but it’s not worthless
then why is the nature being so merciless

did we bring this upon ourselves, or are we the victims here?
we may not understand this, but we are crying for help with every tear
in times like these, where we are suffering together
not only the weak, when even the strong surrender

instead of losing hope, let’s become each other’s strength and light
because walking as one, we can win any fight
it may seem impossible but courage can break all ties
because it’s only after the dark, that the sun will rise.

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