Beauty and the geek

There’s a thing about poverty, it’s always visible. It always reeks.
But knowledge makes a man rich, so even a poor boy can be a geek.

Trying to impress with his knowledge, laiden with a bag full of books.
He worries about what he knows, but doesn’t give a damn about his looks.

College, a world of cultural blending, here’s where the rich meet the poor.
In the eyes of education everyone is equal. Of this, society is still not sure.

Sat the geek in class, he was in the middle of the end of a row.
Observing everyone, lost in his thoughts. He was beaming, dreaming of a bright future.

Saw her enter from the back door, time froze, never had he felt this way.
She was with her friends, smiling at a joke, unaware about the geeks enchanted stare.

The geek felt happiness, for she was happy. He felt this for the first time.
He didn’t know such happiness existed, he whispered ‘this happiness is divine’

Beauty was oblivious, walked in and took a seat. Her walk must’ve lasted for barely a minute.
The geek though, discovered the relativity of time.
To him that moment was infinite.

People are so busy all the time, they fail to notice these small things.
In a moment of our busy time, lives are lived with happy endings.

A bliss filled the geek’s heart, he never believed this could happen to him.
Love at first sight, was a thing from the books. Now in a book he was living.

There was nothing more that he would like, just to see her smile and hear her voice.
Her mere presence took him to a different world.
Dissolving his problems, drowning all noise.

For him she was everything, she was his sun, his shore and his horizon.
He was thrilled by her presence, it was his first hit of love, the ultimate poison.

He was shy and also poor, unfortunately the rich dictate the world’s ways.
He set his limits with the knowledge he gained, how can a pauper fall for a princess.

Knowledge is empowering, conversely it also brings people to ruins.
If only he wasn’t ashamed. Even he would become a king.

Though beauty wasn’t his, the geek loved her night and day.
He just wanted her happiness, and he was happy for her anyway.

One sided love is very real, there is something about it not everyone knows!
A madness, a satisfaction that is embraced. Hot and cold like holding snow.

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