Beauty Within a Lie

Moments are fleeting,
as they slip by without notice
Much like our hearts beating
and the tenderness of a mother’s kiss
It is all that ties up one’s self
Keeps us pushing forward and breathing
And I saw that moment
As tears rolled down her cheeks
Holding her hand
Afraid to let go and disband
The inevitability had caught up on me
As she succumbed to death
Death is inevitable isn’t it?
They say.
Death is much kinder
They say.
The long gone are much happier
They say.
The long gone don’t need suffer
no more…They say.
Cruelty that lies within Hope
I Say.
Unknown and inevitable madness
Is all Hope is
I Say
While I wash away the final remains
Looking at it disappear into deep abyss.

To live as Human is insufferable
Death sure is a welcome guest
And yet time moves on fast
As if someone pressed fast forward
Weeks have gone by
Months have turned away
As the insufferable keeps going on
And I roam about the same space
Where she once walked
Where she once stood
Where she once sat and did chores
Now I go about doing those same things
As she would have done it
I lie on the same bed
Where she lived her last breath
Where those events unfolded
right in front of my eyes
and I let go of her hands.
I drift away into a moment
Where I stood to see myself
Holding an empty vessel
Not knowing why
Not knowing what to do
I shout and ran towards my bedroom door
To unlock it and see her wry smile
My heart exploded with joy and happiness
I didn’t have words enough to express it
She started giving me directions
Helping me as usual to solve for things
And I stood by thinking… Oh what a nightmare
But something about wasn’t right
Something about it was off
How can I see this oblivion of a Truth?
How can I feel this and not realize it?
I woke up on the same bed
Realizing the Beauty Within a Lie,
and the Harsh Reality of Truth.
Sitting on that same bed…
It hasn’t hit me yet.
It hasn’t sunk in.
Maybe it never will…

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