Bejeweled Moment

The starry sky scintillating by,

The mellow wind breezing through,

The lone Sakura tree swaying,

Two pairs of eyes shining brightly at this night.

Her eyes like the blooming sunflower,

Her hair in a messed-up bun,

Her smile brightening the field,

Her body swaying to the melodious tunes.

The look in her eyes to the puppies toddling by,

The jump in her smile with each beat of the tune,

Her arms reaching out to mine,

Her face marred in a rosy tint.

I think I am falling in love,

I think I see you are too,

The endless fights and silly game,

Friends for life but is it my amore for more?

Hearts skip as we had our first dance,

Hearts entwined in this very night,

Her ebony hair in my hands,

Her lips finally smooched to mine.

I think I am in love,

I see you are too,

I wish I could freeze this frame,

Forever with you in my arms.


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