Secrets, secrets, deceits and lies,
All so I could call you mine.
Autumn leaves turned red and died,
All I ever needed was you by my side.

Twenty and married to a military man,
Two weeks in, he was deported to Japan!
No one asked if he was the one I wanted,
Sitting alone in his house, I felt haunted.

Like a broken star, you ventured into my orbit with your incandescent glow,
Sharing hushed secrets and promises of “No one will ever come to know.”
You showed me the moon, you painted my sky in glimmering twinkling stars,
When evenfall came, you caressed my soul and kissed my bruises and scars.

You wrote me poetry in the aurora,
You played me piano in the sun.
You made me feel gleeful as a free bird,
With you, I felt like Someone.

The village folk eyed us almost suspiciously,
Perhaps they suspected you were more than just my homegirl.
But how was I to explain to them,
That in this ocean of madness you were my luminescent pearl?

So tell me Your Grace! Does it make me a criminal then, or a dyke perhaps,
To have fallen for you, my Betty?
You, who held me close on my darkest nights,
You, who filled my life with sparling confetti.

The Marshall is due home from the war any day now,
To wish his delay, must surely be a sin!
But I couldn’t lose you, my Betty,
Not after you showed me what it is to be living.

“We can run away, we can make the moon our home.” I pleaded,
“We don’t abandon our battleground, Petal. We are warriors.” You comforted me despite your eyes filled with dread.
“Your lover, your warrior, I am whatever you need me to be!”
“I promise you, we’ll make our home somewhere we can forever be free.”

Nights spent together, changed into concealed glances,
Feverish touches of skin, turned into cordial nuances.
With hooded eyes and lowered head the Marshall, I served,
But behind closed doors, I knew, it was you who my aching heart deserved.

But love is a rebellious bird,
Try as one might, it cannot be long hidden.
The Marshall was one blow away from knocking down the door,
I knew I had to make my choice now, or be separated from you for evermore.

“The valley looks lovely and deep” peering from the ledge, I whispered,
“It would make a lovely home, don’t you think?” Your eyes glittered.
Outside, the Marshall smashed down the door and in anger cried,
Inside, I took your hand and we took the dive.

It is said that our bodies were never found,
Two young women wiped off the face of the earth, just like that.
Our love was a fresco beyond it’s time,
It was a beauty sublime.

I died for you, Betty, and you died for me,
We died for a love the living would never let be.
And now in our ghostly dances we celebrate each other,
In this death immortal, you will forever be my lover.

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