“Book – A Portable Magic”

Like the mild flipping sound of the papers rustling together,
The oilskin book and its yellowish pages that bear the words to allure,
Began to mutter something inaudible to the naked ear,
Beckoning to read, and to hear its gabbles that holds the power,
Let the pages turn on their own to engross the adherent reader,
The hold became a grip, gazing eyes switched to a stare,
As the phrases disappeared with distinct visions and words no longer a matter,
Entrapping with its little musings inside the world of wonder,
On every page that flipped, a character became a friend so dear,
The enticed mind floated away and far beyond, just like walking in thin air,
Transfixed to the place by the magic dust that spilled everywhere,
The conscious dreamer wandered with the portable magic in hand forever!

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