We are the same people we read about in books just different names with altered letters who live in cities we wish we could have .
It’s not just the story we turn pages for sometimes when you relate to a character you look for answers . You see that the people in the book are much braver than you are , ofcourse , that’s why you’re reading about them i guess.
You don’t let the pages fold looking for songs or the climax or whatever you’re looking for , you look for stars , you’re so desperate , you look for shooting stars in the book so that you can make a wish and become this brave guy on page number seven who goes on to fight the world for someone . You wish you were that brave .

You turn back to page ten again to tell the character he’s messed up because you hope , you wish you could turn pages in your life , go back to where you fucked up , go back and never let your book take a wrong turn . You try to justify the character as you would yourself . You try all that you can , well it’s just a book , turn the pages , finish the story . That’s all that you can .

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