Books, Key To The Time

This is year 2022 running. We all believe in reincarnation as our holy books say. But what if all our books would have been burnt by Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and Guy Montag and others would have been unsuccessful in their endeavor of saving any book? The whole world would have been clueless about all the history, literature, science, arts, logic and more… Let’s assume this and move ahead. Let’s suppose that some of the great writers and fictional and non-fictional characters and personalities are alive and living in one time period, irrespective of the time gap or shift. Let’s rewrite our history. 

Works referred and Characters taken from : ‘1984’ by George Orwell, ‘Ulysses’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson, ‘Tamburlaine’ by Christopher Marlowe, ‘Dr. Faustus’ by Christopher Marlowe, ‘ Morte de Arthur’ by Thomas Malory, ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare, ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley. 

Writers mentioned (British): Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron.

Greek Gods: Zeus and Poseidon.

Note: The story is inspired by the novel, ‘1984’ by George Orwell but with some twists. 

Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin are married to each other and abiding the rules of Big Brother who rules the super-state Oceana. Mary writes for Big Brother but feels suffocated under the stringent rules. She tries to hide her thoughts and feelings from the telescreen and the thought police and secretly starts writing revolutionary article when she is caught by William Godwin. He gets paranoid and is caught by the Thought Police where he blurts about Mary and she is tortured and killed. 

They had a daughter Mary who is in love with Percy Bysshe Shelley. Mary has the revolutionary spirit of her mother. They both have secret meetings in Lord Byron’s outhouse, who is Percy’s friend.

Lord Byron is an aristocratic man with far away contacts. 

Ulysses is returning home after the battle of Troy and happens to halt at Oceana to refuel the things needed. He meets his old friend Lord Byron when he helps Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary escape with Ulysses to the kingdom of Ithaca. 

Lord Byron by the fear of getting caught and to save Mary and Percy sends message to Julius Caesar at Athens for help. Julius Caesar along with Antony raises his army and March towards Oceana. They call for Zeus, Poseidon, King Arthur and Othello to join them as they knew about the power of Big Brother. 

In Oceana, Lord Byron is caught by the thought police and tortured in the prison to divulge about the whereabouts of Percy and Mary. But he doesn’t break. He is given threats to be taken to Room 101 which is the most deadly and people in dreams would also fear to visit Room 101. 

The news of Julius Caesar marching towards Oceana reaches the Big Brother. He sends a request to Tamburlaine, Mephistopheles and Satan to join him in the fight.   

Big Brother sent for Dr. Faustus as well but he had already sailed for Sparta to own Helen. Another war in line… World War I was going to begin. 

Ulysses, Percy and Mary had reached Ithaca and got married. Mary, like her mother was a writer but not better than Percy. She started working on Frankenstein. 

The news of war in Oceana had reached Ithaca and Percy and Mary wished to return to save many lives. Soon they started their journey to sail back. 

In Oceana, the war between Julius Caesar and Big Brother had begun. None was less than the other. It was the war on land, air and water. Zeus fought with Satan,   Poseidon with Mephistopheles, King Arthur fought with Tamburlaine whereas Othello along with Julius Caesar and Antony fought the Big Brother and his army. 

Mary had finished writing Frankenstein by the time they reached Oceana. They decided to give one last day to each other before surrendering themselves to the Oceana Government. They covered themselves with a cloak and somehow reached Percy’s house. They were so tired that they left the entire luggage in the living room and retired to bed. 

Next morning when Mary got up and opened the door of the living room, she shuddered with a shock to see a Monster like thing. He said, ‘I Frankenstein’. Mary screamed with horror. Percy bolted from the bed to see the monster standing at the door. The monster told that Mary had given him life, so in a way he was her child and would save his mother no matter what happens. 

As decided, they went to the office to meet the Government official. Frankenstein followed them. There was chaos everywhere seeing the monster. Thought Police arrived and started firing at the monster but they failed. The bullets were like peanuts for the monster. Listening to the shouts, Mary and Percy rushed out and saw what was going on. They both were immediately taken into custody. But Frankenstein ran towards them and punched the officers. 

The news reached Big Brother and the war came to a halt. Frankenstein and Percy reached the prison and got Lord Byron released. Big Brother and his Government were helpless and powerless until Frankenstein was there. So they had to allow Percy and Mary stay together. 

The First World War ended. Mary and Percy gave birth to their first child but lost it at the hands of Frankenstein. Frankenstein was too jealous to have any sibling. He was jealous of Percy too, for Mary paying more attention to Percy. One day Percy also died on sail in mysterious circumstances. Now Mary and Frankenstein were left alone. 

She was broken and loathed and blamed Frankenstein for her misfortune. Frankenstein, depressed by her aversion, committed suicide. Mary was taken under arrest and tortured when finally one day she too died in the prison from tumor. 

The first part of history ends here.  It can even be the biography of Mary Shelley. You could believe all what I said just now if we had no old books and history left. But all this is absurd and far away from truth. Therefore our books are very important for us to know the truth and shouldn’t be disrespected or disregarded. They are the key to the journey into the past. They are time travel machines which can take us anywhere we wish to go, just like our dreams.  So fasten your belts and travel into the time. Keep reading.  


  1. PB

    What an awesome crossover!!
    I loved and enjoyed reading every bit of it from start till the end.
    The text is a bit difficult to understand but once you start getting the start to enjoy more and more of it😊

  2. Charubala

    Cool idea. Will bring a smile to the face of any aficionado of English literature! A world where creators rub shoulders in their daily life with their creations or live in a world they conjured up in their works.

  3. Nitin khera

    This is a masterpiece. I haven’t read such an interesting essay in my life. You have merged the story lines of 1984 novel and Frankenstein and turned it into a crossover work. This is amazing. This one should be read by everyone. Really unbelievable. The idea is novel and mind blowing. You brought into picture so many other characters from different eras. The 2ork is a bit difficult to comprehend but is a must read.Hats off to you.

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