It’s an escape from reality for that one blissful hour. To live different lives and know strange lands, it’ll give you the power.

Turning pages, that transport you to a different truth altogether. Printed words, tiny and black, telling tales waiting to be heard, whatever the weather.

Pictures would be needed to depict the affairs and goings-on, you’d think. Instead, it lets you build a world of your own, beautiful, and invaluable, with those sneaky words that slink.

Flee, for a few glorious moments, the prosaic mundanity that is your life. Live an epic story and know every human feeling rife.

You’ll fall in love, feel envy, feel joy, and know fear.
Experience a tragedy, a fantasy, a murder, a coming-of-age and in them you’ll disappear.

For that is what a book is, along with its warm pages and wonderful scent and smell.
An adventure; A celebration of life and stories, to which its forever hard to say farewell: A feeling I know only too well

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