Broken Vows

This cold floor beneath my back feels like a safe haven on yet another gloomy night. I lay there like a corpse, all the life sucked out. The bare breaths and still limbs making me feel as dead as a prey lying between all the beasts of wild.
I take all the daggers out of my body, painfully slow and peacefully reckless, watching the rivulets of blood quietly trickle down every wound one by one onto the pristine marble below. The metallic taste on my tongue and the bright red around me make me feel dizzy, as if I was drunk, I don’t remember if I am. I spit some blood after a gurgle and my eyes suddenly feel so heavy they might sink deep inside my skull, the air so thick I might choke swallowing a chunk of it through my mouth. A harsh cold breeze hits my body and a chill runs down my spine, none of my wounds feel any pain though. They stay numb, still bleeding all my agony out.
The clear sky above starts a downpour of all the stars in it, and each one strikes like a thunder on my carcass. I don’t blink. It’s a stormy night till it lasts, the warmth returning only with the first ray of sun at early dawn. This brings me out of my daze.
My feeble hands scamper around, my eyelids finally functioning. I stab every dagger back in it’s rightful place as firmly as my tired limbs allow me to. I lift myself off the floor, sitting upright in a pool of blood where there were once just pure white tiles. I slowly move out of the dark tunnel towards the blinding lights ahead, vowing to never return. Just as I had vowed the night before. And just as I will tonight.

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