Cageless wings

I am suffering, I want to live
I am trapped in a shity city life.
I want to get away from this cage.
I want to feel the music of nature,
The ocean of clouds,
The spark of sunlight,
The cold breeze,
The shower of autumn leaves.
The rattle sound of woods.
I want to admire the mother nature feeding us.

This city is a bomb of harmful gases,
killing noise and full of toxicity and trap.
Everyone is depressed and tired of everything.

It’s a trap, it’s a jail.
Feels like I am a culprit who choose the city lime light[which was a trap] and stucked here forever.

Nobody is known,
everyone is confined,
everyone is mean,
everyone is just earning and dying daily.

I want to fly,
I want to move into the forest
I want to live near the mother nature alone i.e away from city and the crap.

I just want to earn my happiness, my love and peace.
I want to grow for peace
I want to fly for peace
I want to hear peace
I Want To Admire peace
All I want a cageless life and peace
I want to live not to suffer
I want to see the endless nature not the confined wall
I want to hear my nature singing not the blowing horns.
I want to float in the clouds, mesmerized the countless stars sparkling in the sky.

I want my nature to hold me tight and take me to a ride.

Give me courage and make me strong
Break the cage and show me path. Be together and never tear us apart.

Make me a bird of this cageless nature Art

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