I stand in pin drop silence, on a starry night,
I hear the noise of silence, it’s calmness at its height.

I look up at the twinkling stars,
I spot a constellation, that resembles cars.

I slowly close my eyes, then open them up again,
life is going good, like a smooth train.

Up in the sky, it is a marvellous sight,
my heart speaks, ‘It’s calmness at its height!’

I think that it is time for me to go to bed,
‘It’s calmness at its height,’ again my heart said.

I wake up early, on a cloudy day,
the God is almighty, the demon’s at the bay.

I walk to the backyard, spotted with crunchy leaves and a small flower bed,
the river is on my right, the temple’s straight ahead.

Then I hear the Conch shell’s holy sound,
I join my palms and feel dynamic energy all around.

I feel a light cool raindrop fall on my face,
I stand there barefoot, filled with grace.

I retreat into the house, and switch on the light,
I still feel the same, it’s calmness at its height.

Then slowly, very slowly, it starts drizzling,
I bring myself food, that’s hot and sizzling.

Then the rain pours cats and dogs,
parts of my backyard are turning into bogs.

Then I hear the raindrops falling on the roof,
my cow comes to me, raising a hoof.

The cow gave a small moo, the creature’s colour is white,
‘Sit by me,’ I say to the good cow, it’s calmness at its height.

Last night was great, the present day reflects might,
I sit back in my chair for a nap, it’s calmness at its height.

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