Never have I felt time to be so precious
With two years In front of me
In which I can splash around in school and all of its joys
Every moment feels so joyous, so dear

The work which once seemed burdensome, the teachers who once felt annoying
The mates whom I once hated from my core and those whom I loved with all of my soul,
The rivals with whom I fought to death, the comrades with whom I allied
Seem so dear

The games we played, the trophies we lifted,
The failures we faced and the praises we relished together
Will forever be etched upon my mind and soul
Empowering me, supporting me, reminding me
That even if we sunder slowly, painfully
Like the lento ripping thread from a tightly woven cloth,
We will be bound by these honey sweet memories
That we have shared

Standing on this crossroad
While I look forward
Towards the path that awaits my tread and the relations waiting to hold my hand,
I keep letting go of those with whom I have journeyed with so far
No matter how tightly I intertwine
No matter how tightly I hold

In likeness to me preparing to leave my nest
I watch my companions embark on their journey
The separation…. Painful
Sad and harrow
But standing where I am now
Even though vexed
I understand…. I understand

Standing on my first ever crossroad
From wherein I will have to go forth on my own,
I pick up my armour and pull on the reins

Yet deep inside, I am scared…I am terrified
At the same time… I am excited
I am happy
For I know I can do this
For I know I can do this

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