I would take a whole, peeled and washed carrot in my hand while going to school every morning. I walked in the classroom for my first class, welcomed by the silenced whispers of everyone and the colourful charts and drawings all around the classroom contrasting with the wooden, colourful benches. The teacher had written “ESSAY WRITING” on the board. It was my first time learning about it and I was a bit lazy to write so much. But there was no going back, so I sat down on my desk as I heard the teacher tell us to write a page full of sentences about our favourite vegetable. Vegetables have always been something hard to swallow for me, but there was one that was delisting to me. So I drew a carrot on the top of the page with the sharp pencil in my pencil box that I had been saving for an occasion. I drew scales on the carrots, the roots coming out of it, the short but very broad leaves that it had and coloured it orange and green. I wrote the heading “CARROT” on top, and started writing about it. I kept on penning my thoughts about just how I loved the simple root. I wrote how I would have it everyday in the morning while climbing my school bus, and how after school I would have someone cut it for me and sprinkle salt on it and relish it. I wrote about the warm colours a carrot wore. Some would be orange, some would be red, some would be bright and some would be dull, some would be sweet while some were bland, I kept going on about it when I didn’t even realise that I had written a page, extended half of the other page. I went up to the teacher and nervously handed my book out to here. She gave me a sweet smile while I awkwardly reciprocated it, deep down in my thoughts about whether I did the assignment right. While I was going back to my bench, the teacher’s eye caught my words and she called me back and decided to read it aloud to the whole class. I was overjoyed and I nervously sweated. She read the whole essay and told me, “This is the best essay I’ve read today.” I smiled while I went back to my bench and I haven’t stopped writing ever since.

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