Staring at the sealing vividly,
I recreate memories and smile gaily.
How foolish of me to cling on the rope.

My pillow, my friend,
I am sorry, your completely drenched.

These sleepless nights are nothing mere than flaccid thoughts.
Sharp pieces of glass enough to bleed me out.

Just like kerosene to oil,
You ignited my soul on fire.

These burning desires melted my soul like a melting wax.
You are dominating like the luminous fire.
A guiding light in my territory of catastrophe.

I am a helpless warrior,
With a broken armour.
Seeking warmth in your burning fire.

Your mouth is filled with my name,
Your tender voice ringing in my brain.
Your pen always writes of me
And I, as a fool revolve around you.

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