Celestial Love

Her glimpse was visible at the end of my eye,
My heart was pounding like it was about to cry.
My eyes were stuck at her gleaming site,
Little did I knew; it was love at first sight.

My legs followed her all the way to the dawn,
Her stares made my heart feel like its grown.
My plan was succeeding with no frown,
Promised myself to hold her hand and feel the sundown.

A letter in which I wrote my heart to her,
Saw her peeping and was about to smirk.
My heart was pounding just like the day I first met her,
“I love you” was stuck in the eyes, her shyness was sign of sure.

A promise which I made myself from the start,
Was getting fulfilled by holding her hand while seeing the stars.
Waiting for her at the gate everyday looking like a psychopath,
Eating ice-cream, the other scene was shining apart.

I was tired by hiding this celestial love from everyone,
The only promise now I had to fulfil was to call her the one.
Her voice felt like home, her smell felt like dawn,
Wanted to make her mine forever, the hope sang a song.

A proposal I wanted everyone to appreciate,
Got rejected and was looking pace.
Fought with everyone just to call her babe,
Seeing the sunset together, it’s being 24 years!

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