“Never in my experience of over fifty women have I ever slept with one who was either fat or dark-skinned” said Johnny with a unique sense of pride.
“Don’t you think having just one right woman who would stand by you through times good or bad is more satisfying than multiple partners?” asked Ron curiously.
Johnny wondered. He once had a girl who did exactly the same. Who opposed her own people just to stand by him. Did she make him happy? Most certainly, there was no doubt about it. Then why did he leave her? He didn’t. So she left him? Yes she did and not just him. She left everything behind. She died.
A tear formed in the corner of Johnny’s right eye. He smiled and hid it smartly from Ron. They were childhood friends who had met each other after ten years but things had changed. They were boys back then and here they were now proud and confident Men. ‘A Man must not let his emotions empower him’ or so they thought.
“Maybe but imagine the experience I’d have missed on” Johnny said shadowing his actual emotions with wit.
“Would you adopt any method to get into someone’s pants?”
“See I am not a Methodist. My belief lies in achieving visible results. I believe in practicality over idealism but I would never rape”
“Do you break their trusts by making them false promises?”
“And what good is that?”
“Being betrayed may leave you wounded but it teaches you not to trust people so easily whereas a rape victim is left with emotional scars and fear”
True as it may have been, it was a Devil’s lie. To break someone’s trust is wrong and so is to rape someone but to prove your shade of grey lighter than other person’s is just a game of perception. They were both aware of that. So they remained silent.
“Enough about me. What about you?” Johnny broke the silence.
“Well I am of a different opinion. I am more of what they call a one woman man” stated Ron.
“Do you sometimes feel a lack of flavour in your love life?”
“No I never do”
Lie! There was a time when Ron and his girlfriend were madly in love with each other, when they were more than happy being together but now the same felt like a challenge. ‘Maybe now is the time I consider an ALTERNATE LIFESTYLE’ he thought to himself.
“The more I discover about her, the more I discover about myself” he promoted his lie.
“He’s right! That’s what I used to feel back then” Johnny thought.
It takes guts to love someone after failing so miserably.
Inspired or affected by each other they both had different things to look for in their personal lives. What they were seeking in each other was already the voice of something inside them. Something which beats non-stop throughout our lives but watching it in each other gave them the courage to listen to it. Whether they were right or wrong, who was to know? But change it was and change is the only permanent thing in this ever growing world.

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