“down that coarse warm street
was a girl i adored since i was three
she lived under a red tiled roof
two houses down my room
she brought flowers when grandpa died
said she hoped to live as long and as good a life

she grew up to love blue
epitomised all that is pure and true
went to the dance with a boy named Sam
who adored her since he was ten
she came home with a crown
and the two became the talk of the town

she moved to the city mid-July
came to my door with a kiss goodbye
‘love of my life and the nectar of this street
please do not come back with a ring’
and i stayed up on the roof i had painted blue
whispered her name and cried all through

then oneday, mid-yellowing leaves, mid-everything
came a cry from a house down the street
for under the bright roof on that bluest day
came home a daughter white and pale
so down the coarse wet street
died a girl i would adore till i am eighty”

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