There’s a lot I’ve never told you, and probably never will.
Hence I shouldn’t expect you to, but still,
After everything is said and done,
New mornings have come and gone,
Knowing in my heart is somehow never enough.

Years may have passed, water under the bridge,
Only few borders remain that I’ve never dared to infringe.
Underwhelming though it may be, the journey’s been rough.

Deep inside me I feel the regret, and yet,
Every time I try to finally clear the debt,
Each unaired grievance I’ve let pile up since
Perhaps only ever failed to convince.
Astute though your observations have always been,
Barely have I ever been down and you’ve not seen,
Always so supportive, always with a solution,
Little got by you, be it a complete makeover or a little emotion.
It’s even more baffling hence, why this, of us, got the better.

Moments we shared, roads we travelled,
Adventures and pursuing secrets waiting to be unraveled.
Just take the leap, you’d always say,
Unless you get lost, you’ll never find the way.
Memories I’ve cherished, hopes we’ve built,
Dreams I’ve woven, only to be drowned in guilt,
Ever if you wonder, “Is there anything left to say after the milk has been spilt?”
Read this poem from the top again, looking at each first letter!

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