A garland of lies
Hanging from her tongue
Mrs Martha wasn’t one to break ties
But she couldn’t help but picture herself jump
Falling asleep on the hard pillow
She had learnt how to make it soft with her tears
Just like she used to do with her fears

The pot had cracked long ago
But did she dare to watch it break and go?
Her mother used to comb her hair when she was five
Telling her that nothing else mattered if she was a good wife
She had learnt to hold on so tight
And her bloody palms showed that alright

They told her to cling on
So, she clung and clung
She sang so loud
She suffocated her own drum
The devil’s advocate is always accompanied with disguise
She knew this much
But she got so lost in her tumbled down love hut
She forgot the mansion of deceit she was standing in

Now she is seen at the market of the unspoken
And at the wake of the heartbroken
Her eyes that once held the glimmer that could blind
Hold the darkness that no soul would dare to look at with kind

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