Corona- The fatal pandemic

Springing from the sprawling capital of Central china,
A fatal and vulnerable pandemic named Corona,
So toxic that it can’t be even cured with Cinchona,
Clueless and Baffled is the condition of each persona,

People around the globe haven’t seen a times so daunting.
An outbreak which is both vicious and haunting.
Bringing our routine life on halting. –
Making the humans impatient and exhausting.

Locked up in our homes like confined beast,
Struggling for essential goods at the very least.
Binge watching TV soaps and Ott web series,
Reviving our golden childhood memories.

Going out of the homes seems like a war-crime,
Now is the time to follow protocol and get rid of this grime,
Hoping for a blissful and cherry time,
Human awaits for a world beautiful and at its prime.

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