So much of sordid hate,
Lots of heated words in spate
Such a lot of induced doubt.
Nothing, nothing at all, to feel good about.
And, it needed a virus, to get us all together again.

Vitriolic acts,venomous shouts
Cold silence,now, and then the sonic outbursts
Query on each other’s origins
Lands devided,margin by margin
But, it needed a virus to let us know we are all the same.

Time unlimited, wasted on endless debates
Sizing up each other’s appetite to predate.
Then once again,trying to devide.
Soceity at large fighting hard, not to provide.
All it needed was a virus to impinge that we needed each other, after all.

Now,soon, when the virus is all but gone.
Will, we still feel the need to get it all undone?
Go back to the agony of yore
Slogans aghast and taunts galore
Or will we learn from this virus of sorts
Indeed that it is, but a weapon of the Lord
Better now,that we learn, that never again
Shall we bear the brunt of the insane
Then, to live a life full of harmony, once again.

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